• Niche: FOOTWEAR
  • Average ROAS: 7
  • Profit Margin: 40% -55%
  • Total Spending: 16.32K
  • Cost of Website Purchases: 1Million +


The project I got is an ongoing project and before us client is getting an ROAS of 3% – 4.45%. We examine the ads and got to the point that all the creative they are working with have mid-level quality score We change the creative and started again with creative testing. After getting 3 creatives out of 5 we go for 2nd phase i.e., keyword Testing. We use few broad keywords regardless of the niche and start testing, out of 12 Interest we got 7 performing interests for our brand. Till now your guys are thinking what new in it!! Hold on please. What we did next is duplicate and switch from lowest bid cost to bid cap. And that of with and 300% & 500% increment all in ABO campaign with 100x increment in daily budget [ 500 PKR to 50,000 PKR ] For example: if we if are getting CPP of 400 PKR then we increase it to 1600 PKR and 2400 PKR. The real surprising thing is we increase the order volume but the cost also increases along with it, Here is the real test for us and client too, as he is not even in a breakdown situation till now. We had a 3 hours discussion with client and he is insisting us to stop the campaign as per the situation, but we make him comfortable by briefing him with some previous case study and BOOM! After exact 4 day our CPP went from 2400 to 700 average. Analyze the data and see what is your average CPP, you can increase the price up to 25% and launch cost cap or bid cap campaigns. Now get ready to see some amazing numbers that you haven’t seen on your ads manager ever before. PS: I increase the bid cap to 500% to out beat the competition on my performing KW